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Margarita Fridays

Stop thinkin', start drinkin'!!

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This is a community for those of us in Atlanta who like to get together and drink margaritas on Friday nights. Wacky hijinks will ensue.

The usual location for Margarita Friday is [pending new location]

If it's someplace else (as it occasionally is), someone will post the info here in the community, no later than the preceding Wednesday.

Anyone is welcome to join, however, to be a part of it you actually have to come to Margarita Friday. We love meeting new and interesting people. We only bite if you ask nicely.

Who are we?
We're a pretty diverse group of folks: We're straight, gay, and bisexual. We are girls and boys, and boys who like to be girls, and girls who like to be boys. We're Christian, Pagan, Various Other, and atheist. One or two of us might've even voted for Bush, but we don't hold that against them, and we don't talk politics at the table because it inevitably pisses someone off and we're there to have a good time. Some of us are single, some of us have been married since the dawn of time. A few of us have kids. Lots of us are cat people. We are librarians, lawyers, graphic artists, computer techs, programmers, and mortgage brokers. In other words, we're sorta random, we have differences and similarities, but the one thing we all share in common is tolerance. If you're uptight about any of this stuff, or if you think it's your place to tell other people how they should live their lives, you probably won't enjoy hanging out with us. Otherwise, what are you waiting for, get your ass out here!

This community is moderated by kellinator and 10dimensions.
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