this week

It appears we will be having MF this week. My friend barefoothiker is visiting from Memphis, and since MF is where she and I first met it seems appropriate to have one while she is here.

8:30 pm, address on the comm info. See you then, perhaps.
the Mad Monk

Party Update!

April 4th - B-day and Spring Fling

It is now only a little more than a week away from the Doctor's and Pixie's Birthday and Spring Fling BBQ and Star Party. The old WinkleHaus is being cleaned up and soon we will need to get an accurate count on the # of guests and who is bringing 'what'.

If you have missed the original party post and/or forgot to fill out the Party Poll - now is the time to hit the 'clicky'. Details, times, directions and other goodies can be found at the clicky.

Time is running out - so RSVP now!
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a reminder

Now that people are shuffling back to the internets from spending time with friends and family, it seemed like a good time to post a reminder that we're doing MF tonight at 8:30p. Location map on the comm info.

See you then. Or not.
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Margarita Black Friday

Hello happy people!

Dave and I just stumbled back into town, and despite that the fact that all I mostly want to do is go to bed [I've slept very little the past two nights and woke up at the ass crack of dawn this morning to daylight streaming in the uncurtained windows of the guest room we stayed in WTF] we will see you all in about 2 hours from now at 8:30. [The drive back in rain and traffic also means godDAMN do I need a drink. ;)]

Based on additional comments to my previous post since I've been gone it looks like headcount is ~13. So if anyone gets there before we do [and I promise we will try to be on time for a change] go ahead and ask for that many.

See you then.
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This Friday at 8:30, addy on the comm info page

Current headcount planning = 10 seats

Current responses:

Definites: me, eaterofgodz, shes_not_there, fauxfire76, kellinator

Maybes: kellinator's husband, kth_dragon, rhaycen, sursha_dwarf, dr_nebula

Oh and any of you who are getting stuff from my jewelry sale/virtual yard sale of DOOM, do you want me to bring your stuff with? I'm happy to do so and save you a trip. I can bring the giant box o jewelry for people to rummage through.

revenge of the margarita friday

Ok so it looks like we're having a dear-god-did-I-just-spend-an-ENTIRE-day-with-my-family?!? Thanksgiving recuperation alcoholic brain-bleaching event this week.

Or, in case you like your family, we're just getting together to eat some cheese. ;)

Margarita Friday, this coming Friday, November 28th, at 8:30pm. We'll be having it at the last "official" MF location; the address with a linked map is on the comm info page.

If you're in town and feel like showing up please do so. SOME idea of who all is planning to attend would be super fabulous and extremely appreciated for whomever happens to show up first to begin the table wrangling process, so please drop a comment if you can give a heads-up. If you won't know until the last minute then feel free to just drop in and we'll deal with whatever happens.

See you then, perhaps.
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BBQ Update - Saturday, 5/24/08

Memorial 24th BBQ Update

So far everything is on schedule, and the forecast is predicting good weather (high in the low 80's). Hopefully, it will be clear that night for some Saturn and deep-sky viewing. There has been enough rainfall of late so the annual "blowing up of shit" is back on the agenda. However the response so far has been below par. If you plan to attend this Saturday's Party, please make an effort to check this poll and/or leave a comment. I'd like to have an idea what the final head count will be before buying items to grill, ice and the like.

One other thing to note - chairs are *limited* -so if you wish to have a place to sit, you best bring some along!
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