Pixie Bruner (pixelmonster) wrote in margarita_fri,
Pixie Bruner

The Mars House Annual Bacchanalia

It happens only once a year- The Mars House party!!!

Doc (Rich), Pixie, and Sonny (the humans of Mars House) invite you to come as you are or want to be to Mars House and partake in food, snacks, conversation, silliness, good company, fun and libations (underneath the stars, if lucky!).

It is also a celebration of Pixie's 39th tour around Sol so it's the last party before the big 4-0. If you insist/want to give a birthday gift, please make/create/craft/design something by hand, please.

BYOB to add to the collection or personally imbibe and a main and/or a side dish is requested, bring enough to share please!:)

We of Mars House will supply some foodage, the condiments, some bread products, some snackage, yummy CAKE (om nom nom), much music, some soft drinks, the telescopes, and the sacred bean juice (coffee).

Good seating is limited - so please bring a comfy chair

Crash space is available with advance notice. There is a guest room and floorspace.


1. This is Mars House- The cats rule here. Shadow Kitty and PC will be attending. Take your allergy meds. You will be asked to leave before they are :)

2. Do not be an a**hat. Do not bring your drama or your drama llamas. Mars House is a DRAMA-FREE ZONE. If you have issues, or so many you have full subscriptions and volumes, leave them at home please. Leave your drama at the door please. Bring only yourself and be prepared to have a good time!

3. We reserve the right to flag you and not let you drive if we do not feel you are capable. The hosts can and will poach your carkeys if you do not drink responsibly.

4. Dress Code- Costumes welcome, kilts appreciated, togas loved, there are no rules. Time travelers welcome here!

5. If I forgot your significant other, bring them along and feel free to invite them. It was an oversight if I forgot anyone.

5.5 - The party is kid-friendly/kid-safe until midnight when the gremlins come out.

6. Have FUN!!! Be KIND! Be excellent to each other and oh yeah, HAVE FUN!!:)

7. Bring a side dish to share or a meat for the sacrificial burning of the meat. Your offering shall appease the Grill Gods.

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