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Update - The Burning of the Meat and Star Gaze (May 29, 2010)

Critical Updates

As many of you already know on FB and in an earlier post on LJ, the doctor is planning a major Memorial Weekend/House warming party this weekend. (Check link for details). It is a housewarming party - so gifts/donations -etc. would be greatly appreciated.

OK - as of now we have the following for Festivities:

LOTS of hot dogs, hamburgers and some bratwurst.
Plus LOTS of buns to go with them.
A Metric F**Kton of Plastic Cups - do NOT bring anymore!!!

There will be some tasty beer and carbonated drinks also provided.
I also have limited supplies of hard stuff (vodka mostly) for mixed drinks.

We desperately need the following: LARGE folding table(s) and chairs

It would also be nice to have a "picnic tent" set up - as there is no big carport to hide under this time around.

Other items to bring:

- other non-hot dog/burger type meat
- other 'main dishes'
- side dishes
- salads (veggie and fruit)
- soft drinks
- desserts
- chips/dip
- condiments
- picnic supplies - but NOT PLASTIC CUPS!

This is BYOB - but I will have some limited supplies on hand

OK - it would help GREATLY if those coming RSVP and tell the doctor what they will be bringing!

Thanks - and let's have a Great Party!

8620 East Hickory LN
Lithia Springs, GA 30122
(h) 770-577-2330


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