myth (10dimensions) wrote in margarita_fri,

oops, sorry! Margaritas tonight at 8p.

I've had too much going on this week and am very disorganized... I meant to post the other day... but the time for tonight has been decided upon as 8pm. Usual place [see comm info if you don't know where that is].

Attendees I am aware of so far:
1. Me
2. eaterofgodz
3. dr_nebula
4. laughingpain
5. blackbirdsing_n
6. shes_not_there
7. fauxfire76
8. kellinator
9. pixelmonster

So it's a table for 9 unless anyone else chimes in. There is a chance that kingjohn2nd and alisonsays will come, so I guess we should say 11 to be safe.
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