(Pre-)Wedding Party!

*taps mic*

Ladies, gentlemen, and all those outside that dichotomy, I have an announcement: Duncan and I are getting married August 21st!

Due to lack of funding, we couldn't fit everybody into the official celebration. To remedy that, there will be a Margarita Friday August 19th at the usual place and time.

Please post a head count here if you will be attending, as this may get big, and warning the restaurant beforehand is always a good idea.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled LJ experience.

*steps down*
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The Mars House Annual Bacchanalia

It happens only once a year- The Mars House party!!!

Doc (Rich), Pixie, and Sonny (the humans of Mars House) invite you to come as you are or want to be to Mars House and partake in food, snacks, conversation, silliness, good company, fun and libations (underneath the stars, if lucky!).

It is also a celebration of Pixie's 39th tour around Sol so it's the last party before the big 4-0. If you insist/want to give a birthday gift, please make/create/craft/design something by hand, please.

BYOB to add to the collection or personally imbibe and a main and/or a side dish is requested, bring enough to share please!:)

We of Mars House will supply some foodage, the condiments, some bread products, some snackage, yummy CAKE (om nom nom), much music, some soft drinks, the telescopes, and the sacred bean juice (coffee).

Good seating is limited - so please bring a comfy chair

Crash space is available with advance notice. There is a guest room and floorspace.


1. This is Mars House- The cats rule here. Shadow Kitty and PC will be attending. Take your allergy meds. You will be asked to leave before they are :)

2. Do not be an a**hat. Do not bring your drama or your drama llamas. Mars House is a DRAMA-FREE ZONE. If you have issues, or so many you have full subscriptions and volumes, leave them at home please. Leave your drama at the door please. Bring only yourself and be prepared to have a good time!

3. We reserve the right to flag you and not let you drive if we do not feel you are capable. The hosts can and will poach your carkeys if you do not drink responsibly.

4. Dress Code- Costumes welcome, kilts appreciated, togas loved, there are no rules. Time travelers welcome here!

5. If I forgot your significant other, bring them along and feel free to invite them. It was an oversight if I forgot anyone.

5.5 - The party is kid-friendly/kid-safe until midnight when the gremlins come out.

6. Have FUN!!! Be KIND! Be excellent to each other and oh yeah, HAVE FUN!!:)

7. Bring a side dish to share or a meat for the sacrificial burning of the meat. Your offering shall appease the Grill Gods.
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Please RSVP!

Please RSVP either with a comment here or by clicking the "I'm attending" button on facebook if you are planning to come. PLEASE don't make me add up in my head all the people who have verbally told me they are coming. I suck both at remembering things, and at math. You don't want to do that to me.

Were starting to head toward the 20 person mark, and since we've never been to this place before I really want to give them a head count in advance to spare us any fuckery. Help me help you! ;)
Duck Dodgers

Update - The Burning of the Meat and Star Gaze (May 29, 2010)

Critical Updates

As many of you already know on FB and in an earlier post on LJ, the doctor is planning a major Memorial Weekend/House warming party this weekend. (Check link for details). It is a housewarming party - so gifts/donations -etc. would be greatly appreciated.

OK - as of now we have the following for Festivities:

LOTS of hot dogs, hamburgers and some bratwurst.
Plus LOTS of buns to go with them.
A Metric F**Kton of Plastic Cups - do NOT bring anymore!!!

There will be some tasty beer and carbonated drinks also provided.
I also have limited supplies of hard stuff (vodka mostly) for mixed drinks.

We desperately need the following: LARGE folding table(s) and chairs

It would also be nice to have a "picnic tent" set up - as there is no big carport to hide under this time around.

Other items to bring:

- other non-hot dog/burger type meat
- other 'main dishes'
- side dishes
- salads (veggie and fruit)
- soft drinks
- desserts
- chips/dip
- condiments
- picnic supplies - but NOT PLASTIC CUPS!

This is BYOB - but I will have some limited supplies on hand

OK - it would help GREATLY if those coming RSVP and tell the doctor what they will be bringing!

Thanks - and let's have a Great Party!

8620 East Hickory LN
Lithia Springs, GA 30122
(h) 770-577-2330
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oops, sorry! Margaritas tonight at 8p.

I've had too much going on this week and am very disorganized... I meant to post the other day... but the time for tonight has been decided upon as 8pm. Usual place [see comm info if you don't know where that is].

Attendees I am aware of so far:
1. Me
2. eaterofgodz
3. dr_nebula
4. laughingpain
5. blackbirdsing_n
6. shes_not_there
7. fauxfire76
8. kellinator
9. pixelmonster

So it's a table for 9 unless anyone else chimes in. There is a chance that kingjohn2nd and alisonsays will come, so I guess we should say 11 to be safe.

Margarita... um, Saturday

So dr_nebula requested a MF this week, but Dave and I already have plans to go check out Le Flash on Friday night. Anyone who would like to tag along / meet up with us for that is totally welcome.

But that meant that we couldn't have MFri, and the rest of Oct is booked up already. SOOO... Margarita Saturday this week. Um, did you guys discuss a time? [I'm not entirely sure how I got tagged to post this since I had nothing to do with planning it.] What time does anyone want to do this thing?

So yeah. Margaritas. Saturday. Come wish eaterofgodz, laughingpain [both Sep 29] and dr_nebula [Oct 6th] happy natal anniversary observances.

Time TBD I guess.
hungry stooges

Friday - July 3rd

Same Bat Time, same Bat Channel

It's been awhile since the last one and as many ppl already have the day off due to the 4th, let's have a MF at the usual place (near Atlanta Bread). We'll start at 8:30 Pm and go until they close.

RSVP - so we can reserve enough tables

(P.S. - kth_dragon, I'll pick up your dinner if that will help)
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