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(Pre-)Wedding Party!

*taps mic*

Ladies, gentlemen, and all those outside that dichotomy, I have an announcement: Duncan and I are getting married August 21st!

Due to lack of funding, we couldn't fit everybody into the official celebration. To remedy that, there will be a Margarita Friday August 19th at the usual place and time.

Please post a head count here if you will be attending, as this may get big, and warning the restaurant beforehand is always a good idea.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled LJ experience.

*steps down*
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I'll be there... For once, Uncle Sam will let me do something fun. ;)
We will most CERTAINLY be there, head count of 2!!
Ack! I have an astronomy club meeting that night - and both Pixie (secretary) and I are officers (program chair). Might try for a late show at the after-party (if there is one).
How wonderful!

I will double-check closer to the event, but right now D and I will plan to be there. If we can't, I'll let you know.
Dave and I will be there, of course. And I am really really sorry I couldn't get to this before you did, because I totally did not mind doing it, last week just imploded on me. :(

I know you aren't on fb, but Duncan is. Would you guys want me to set up a fb event to invite people? A lot of folks don't seem to read lj much anymore, and an event can be sent as a direct invitation that ppl will get in their email [if they have notifs on, that is]. These days when we plan a MF I do it both here and on fb, so let me know if that sounds useful.
Sure, that's perfectly all right. ^..^
Jaime and I are planning on being there, traffic, etc. permitting.
It doesn't look like I'll be able to make it. But still, congratulations to the both of you!

Have a few drinks for me! :)