myth (10dimensions) wrote in margarita_fri,

Margarita... um, Saturday

So dr_nebula requested a MF this week, but Dave and I already have plans to go check out Le Flash on Friday night. Anyone who would like to tag along / meet up with us for that is totally welcome.

But that meant that we couldn't have MFri, and the rest of Oct is booked up already. SOOO... Margarita Saturday this week. Um, did you guys discuss a time? [I'm not entirely sure how I got tagged to post this since I had nothing to do with planning it.] What time does anyone want to do this thing?

So yeah. Margaritas. Saturday. Come wish eaterofgodz, laughingpain [both Sep 29] and dr_nebula [Oct 6th] happy natal anniversary observances.

Time TBD I guess.
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